Landscape Irrigation & Drainage Solutions for Minneapolis - Minnetonka - Maple Plain & Surrounding Areas

Lawn irrigation and drainage systems play a large role in keeping Minneapolis MN, Minnetonka MN, and Maple Plain MN area homes looking their best. For some residents, an irrigation system activated by an autmated timer is the perfect solution, as it maintains hydration for your turf grass even when you are not there. For some applications such as gardenj flower beds, a drip irrigation system might be ideal.

A well designed landscape drainage system will work in conjunction with your custom irrigation set up, making sure that water runoff is directed in a controlled manner. In addition to controlling water flow, a properly integrated drainage system can also aid in preventing standing water which may oversaturate your turf grass causing difficult to repair damage. Standing water can also draw harmful and annoying insects, which a well planned drainage system is effective in preventing. Drainage systems are particularly important in areas such as Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and Maple Plain, where winter weather can sometimes lead to large amounts of snow, which needs adequate drainage while melting, or could otherwise cause damage.

Our Irrigation & Drainage Systems are Custom Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Landscape Features and Lawn Areas .

Timber Creek Landscape has been installing and maintaining custom designed irrigation and drainage systems throughout the Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and Maple Plain areas for 17 years. Let us apply our experience and reputation for excellence to your lawn irrigation and drainage project today!

We also provide a full range of design, build and maintenance services for Minneapolis MN and surrounding areas, including Irrigation, Tree & Shrub Care, Mulching, Decorative Rock Installation, Sod Installation, Complete Landscape Design and more.

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